Your Olive Oil May Not Be The Virgin It Claims

July 16th, 2010

A few more reasons to be extra cautious before buying “rancid” olive oil from your local supermarket. At Seasons you can taste each oil we GUARANTEE to be ultra grade extra virgin olive oil!

The next time you reach for a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, beware. A new study from the University of California- Davis claims more than two-thirds of random samples of imported so-called extra-virgin olive oil don’t make the grade.

The Olive Oil Chemistry Lab overlooks many of the 2,000 olive trees on the Davis campus. “It’s like we have our own CSI: Olive Oil lab here,” says chemist Charles Shoemaker, who manages the lab’s forensics. To be extra-virgin, olive oil can’t be rancid or doctored with lesser oils. Shoemaker wasn’t all that surprised that many of the 14 major brands failed certain tests.

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