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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection


Introducing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection, a carefully curated set of premium EVOOs from some of the world's finest olive oil producers. This collection is perfect for those who need help deciding which EVOO best suits their needs or for those who want to sample different EVOO varieties on various dishes and discover which one works best for their cuisine.
Inside this collection, you'll find a range of unique and distinct EVOO varieties, each with its own flavor profile and aroma. From the rich and robust Coratina from Italy to the buttery and smooth Arbequina from Spain, this collection offers something for every taste and palate.
Whether you're looking to enhance the flavors of your favorite pasta dish, drizzle over a fresh Caprese salad, or use it as a finishing oil for grilled meats, this collection has you covered. Each EVOO in this collection has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality, making them the perfect addition to any home chef's pantry.
And for those who can't decide which EVOO to try, this collection allows you to sample them all and discover your new favorite. So experiment with different varieties and find the perfect EVOO for your culinary creations with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection.

This eco-friendly box contains a 60 ml. bottle of:

Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 oz.) - Spain 
Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 oz.) - Spain 
Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 oz.) - Italy

Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 oz.) - Spain 
Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 oz.) - Spain 
Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 oz.) - South Africa

How to Taste Olive Oil  Instructions Card
A fine paper sleeve with collection contents wraps the box.


country of origin

Spain, Italy, South Africa

harvest date

October 01, 2022


Mild, Medium, Robust


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