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South African Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil


NEW HARVEST - May 2022

The country of South Africa is the 5th largest olive producer in the Southern Hemisphere, where harvest typically occurs between March to August. South Africa’s olive oil industry has developed a fine reputation for qualityOlives are traditionally grown in a Mediterranean-type climate. This is why 95% of the land under olive cultivation in South Africa is located in the Western Cape. While the temperature is quite suitable for olive farming, maintaining water infrastructure remains a significant challenge for many producers. In South Africa, the most widely planted olive variety is Frantoio, but many farmers also grow Coratina, FS17 (aka Favolosa), Mission, Manzanilla, Kalamata, and Nocellara varieties.

This South African Mission is a medium green extra virgin olive oil with a pleasant hint of pungency balanced by its mild bitterness and ripe delicate fruitiness.

It has a beautiful flowery aroma! This new oil from the Mission variety is spectacular.

Its delightful aroma is followed by the smooth, ripe flavors of sweet almond (nutty), sweet butter, and ripe apple. It has many fresh, spicy green flavors: fresh-cut grass, herbs, a little mint, cinnamon, and green apple. It has low bitterness and just the right amount of pungency.

Culinary Perks:

Finishing Soups, Salads, Marinades, Bread dipping, and Pasta. 

Finishing & Cooking 

Pour Spout Included


country of origin

South Africa

flavor profile

Floral, Almond, Green Apple, Cinnamon

harvest date

May 01, 2022



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