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Grissini - Long Breadsticks


Introducing Mario Fongo's Hand-Stretched Breadsticks: A Culinary Ode to Piedmontese Traditions

Discover the essence of Piedmontese traditions with Mario Fongo's artisanal 'Stretched Breadsticks.' These breadsticks are more than just a snack; they are a testament to a rich cultural heritage, meticulously crafted by hand to capture the flavors and fragrances of another era.

Unveiling Authentic Craftsmanship: Each of these breadsticks is a labor of love, created through a time-honored process that involves stretching the leavened dough by hand, one by one. This intricate method, executed with unwavering attention to detail, ensures that the dough is stretched to the full width of the baker's arms, resulting in an unparalleled fragrance and an extraordinary crispiness that cannot be replicated in mass-produced alternatives.

A Feast of Flavors: At Mario Fongo, they are committed to using only the finest ingredients. They have partnered with trusted millers to select the perfect flour blend, ensuring that their breadsticks boast a unique crispness, flavor, and aroma that sets them apart. This range includes diverse and delectable versions, including those made from corn flour, wholewheat flour, and even options without lard, all in addition to their cherished traditional recipe. Each variation brings its distinct character to the table, making them suitable for various occasions and palates.

Mario Fongo's 'Stretched Breadsticks' are not just a snack; they embody tradition, craftsmanship, and culinary excellence. Savor the taste of Piedmontese heritage with every crispy bite, and elevate your snacking experience to new heights.

Indulge in our exquisite selection of hand-stretched breadsticks today and experience the extraordinary. Embrace the flavors of the past, brought to life in the present, by Mario Fongo.



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Karen Hromchak
Grissini Long Breadsticks

So yummy. My friends at my dinner party loved them. They disappeared so fast. I will have to buy extra next time.