Floating Olive Branch

Cilantro & Red Onion


Inspired by traditional Latin American cuisine, this herbaceous and piquant-infused olive oil is made with the sweet depths of red onion and the citrusy freshness of cilantro. Make this your go-to for marinades, sauces, guacamole, and rice pilaf. Combine with fresh citrus or our whole fruit vinegar for a quick, easy way to add flavor to grilled chicken. 

Culinary Pairs: 

A must-use when making steamed mussels or clams! We love drizzling the oil over our morning eggs and avocado toast. Drizzle over ceviches and grilled fish. 

Pour Spout Included

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Fresh Cilantro, Red Onion Natural Flavors

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Lentil Falafel

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