Floating Olive Branch

Calabrian Infused Olive Oil


Calabrian chili peppers are crushed together with fresh garlic and olives, lending their complex, savory spice to this oil.

Culinary Perks: 

Brush onto ciabatta to give a panini a bit of heat, or drizzle over broccoli rabe or root vegetables before slow-roasting. 

Pour Spout Included


infused ingredients

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried Cayenne Chili Peppers & Garlic

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Customer Reviews

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Troy Ross
Not your mothers Olive Oil

Olive oil with some kick is what I needed for brisket and beef roast rubs. Injected in deer roast adds the needed moisture during smoking to make the meet loose and juicy. End with a little kick of flavor has everyone asking what you discovered. Don't keep it a secret through let them all experience the joy of cooking with taste.

Diane Trujillo

I used this recently in a veggie sauté. It gives a bit of bite to the dish.

raymond andrejczak

We got to try this at the Christmas market in Bethlehem today (along with a bunch of others) and I have to say this oil has a great flavor with a decent amount of heat. I can't wait to cook something with it. They had a few others that were incredible too. They said their inventory at the market was much less than what is at the store..... So, Another day trip !

LOVE this oil!

My first bottle of this oil came to me as a gift. It's wonderful! It adds a really nice kick to our favorite pasta dish and other recipes. Not the same kind of taste as adding red pepper flakes or red-hot. Different in a great way!- I bought 4 more bottles of it- great gift for the foodies in your life.
I needed to contact this company with a question and they could not have been nicer or more helpful! That impressed me especially in this busy season.