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Porcini & Sage Infused Olive Oil


The earthy, savory aromas of porcini mushrooms and fresh sage leaves are combined beautifully in this infused olive oil. We love using it to make grilled cheese, mushroom, and gruyere omelets in a cast-iron skillet or swirling a few spoonfuls into fall soups and bean stews. 

Culinary Perks: 

Fabulous for an umami boost with Cacio e Pepe pasta and risotto, it is also a perfect secret ingredient for enhancing homestyle gravy and is adored drizzled over green beans. 

Pour Spout Included


Customer Reviews

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Caroline B
Perfect for french food

I ALWAYS burn the sage when cooking french food, I cannot change. This is the absolute best oil for roasting vegetables and making french onion soup etc. It’s also the best out of several companies I have tried. If you know someone who likes roasted vegetables or french cooking in general this is the best!


I wanted to purchase the walnut oil to pair with the Red Apple Vinegar, but the location was sold out. I was very skeptical of using this oil despite the suggestion by the stand employee. Wow! It paired beautifully with the Red Apple vinegar for a salad dressing and now I find myself frequently using it with vegetables and red meats. Surprisingly love it!

Susan Kirk
One of my go-to's

Porcini-Sage is quite a versatile blend of flavors that enhances many different meal preparations...I reach for it frequently, especially with pork dishes.

Excellent flavor to accompany savory dish

Purchased this olive oil with the idea to use for a Shepherd pie. Sauteed the chopped onion in the olive oil and used the black truffle salt for both the mashed potatoes and seasoning the meat. Both really helped add a lot more flavor and depth to the dish.

Delicious and different

I really enjoy this oil…it’s different enough to give a unique taste to dishes, yet not overpowering to possibly cause someone with an aversion to mushrooms to dislike it. I have used it in eggs, as a bread dipping oil, and in typical dinner dishes. Always enjoy the flavor.