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Making Aromatizados

In the ancient Mediterranean world, the origins of infused oils can be traced back. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans firmly believed in olive oil's magical, youth-preserving properties, often referring to it as "oro liquido" or liquid gold. Modern science reveals that these magical qualities are attributed to polyphenols, potent antioxidants that promote health and vitality. These infusion marvels of the past were utilized in various applications, ranging from cosmetics and medicines to the delectable world of cuisine.

Making Aromatizados

A New Way to Infuse 

Olive oil's golden reputation has endured through the ages, but the infusion process has evolved significantly.

In ancient times, herbs, flowers, and spices were steeped in olive oil, allowing natural oils to blend with the EVOO over time or through gentle heating. As infused oils became more globally distributed, the traditional steeping method was still prevalent, but it had its downsides – the oils would degrade and oxidize quickly.


A New Way to Infuse

Introducing our innovative approach to infusion – the collective crush method, yielding superior Aromatizados, infused olive oils bursting with vibrant flavor and aromatics. Here's how it works:

An expertly prepared co-crushing of olives with other ingredients (eg. basil, lemon, spicy green chili, and cayenne). This process creates a singular, high-aroma flavored olive oil and culinary experience that enhances the organoleptic properties of both the olive oil and the natural oils and aromas of other fresh ingredients co-milled with fresh olives. 

Both the olives and other ingredients are pesticide-free and employ organic farming practices, which are closely monitored by a field of our own experts from seed to tank. This intricate and precise process involves the simultaneous harvesting of olives alongside other freshly picked ingredients such as citrus, vegetables, and herbs. Timing is of the essence, as the ingredients need to be brought to the mill within three hours (to stop ripening and avoid oxidation) following harvest in order to be quickly co-milled before any ripening occurs. The extracted end result, Aromatizado or flavored olive oil, is tasted, evaluated, and lab tested before shipping to Seasons.  

Magnificent Murcia

Murcia's Map

Apart from the collective crush method, there's another cherished family secret behind our Aromatizados: Murcia.
Nestled in the southeastern region of Spain, just east of the province, Murcia is a haven for agriculture in the Mediterranean and greater Europe. Its semi-dry climate fosters the growth of exceptional fruits and vegetables, making it a paradise for produce cultivation. When sourcing the finest ingredients for our Aromatizados, it is to Murcia that our family ventures, ensuring the utmost quality and taste in every bottle. 

Using Aromatizados 

Now that all of our Aromatizado secrets have been shared, it is time to showcase these infused oils in action. 

Herbaceous Aromatizados 

Our herb-infused olive oils are incredibly versatile, perfect for cooking and enhancing the final touches of your dishes. When used in cooking, the aromatics and flavors blend with the other ingredients, creating a harmonious culinary experience. On the other hand, when drizzled or used as a finishing touch, these herby oils impart bold bursts of flavor, elevating your dishes to new taste levels.

Herbaceous Aromatizados

Baking exemplifies lower-heat cooking and perfectly showcases how infused oils enrich our food. Our Roasted Red Pepper & Herb Swirl Bread recipe, combines our Basil Aromatizado and Rosemary Aromatizado. These infused oils are used in the dough and the roasted red pepper and herb mixture, creating delightful swirls throughout. With this double infusion, every bite bursts with the flavors of basil and rosemary.

Rosemary Infused Aromatizado

A day in the life of an infused oil specialist and craftsman. Here our family visits a Murcia farm specializing in fresh herbs.

Zesty Aromatizados  

Our infused oils from Murcia, Spain, bring the lively flavors of citrus and chili peppers to the forefront of your culinary journey. Pair them with neutral or milder ingredients like seafood, poultry, grains, legumes, and leafy greens to create a spectacular harmony of tastes on your plate.

Citrus & Spice Cioppino

This recipe for Citrus & Spice Cioppino uses our Jalapeño Aromatizado and Blood Orange Aromatizado. This infused oil pairing enhances the shrimp, crab legs, mussels, and white fish by imparting pops of crisp citrus and mouth-tingling green pepper. 

Lemons and Limes from Murcia

Lemons, limes, and oranges, oh my! Murcia knows a thing or two about great citrus. 

Sweeter Profile Aromatizados 

Versatile and delightful, our Aromatizados shine in both savory and sweet recipes. Take our citrus-infused oils, like Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon, for instance – they beautifully embody this duality. Equally impressive is our Ginger Aromatizado, boasting sweet and freshly crushed ginger notes. Try it with our Olive Oil Fruit Cake recipe, and you'll be captivated by the beautiful blend of flavors.

Olive Oil Fruit Cake
Fresh Ginger

Oodles of fresh ginger right before the crushing step of our infused oil production. 

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